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Topological charge indices

First 10 eigenvalues (absolute values) obtained from a corrected adjacency matrix, i.e. diagonal elements correspond to ....





1GGI1topological charge index of order 1

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2GGI2topological charge index of order 2
3GGI3topological charge index of order 3
4GGI4topological charge index of order 4
5GGI5topological charge index of order 5
6GGI6topological charge index of order 6
7GGI7topological charge index of order 7
8GGI8topological charge index of order 8
9GGI9topological charge index of order 9
10GGI10topological charge index of order 10
11JGI1mean topological charge index of order1
12JGI2mean topological charge index of order2
13JGI3mean topological charge index of order3
14JGI4mean topological charge index of order4
15JGI5mean topological charge index of order5
16JGI6mean topological charge index of order6
17JGI7mean topological charge index of order7
18JGI8mean topological charge index of order8
19JGI9mean topological charge index of order9
20JGI10mean topological charge index of order10
21JGTglobal topological charge index
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